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Viva Scandinavia

 I've designed and developed a captivating website for Viva Scandinavia, a brand known for its premium teapots and tea accessories. The goal of this project is to showcase my expertise in web design, user experience, and frontend development while highlighting the elegance and essence of the Viva Scandinavia brand.

Demo website


Technologies Used

  • HTML/CSS: Used to structure and style the website, adhering to the brand's aesthetics.

  • JavaScript/jQuery: Employed for interactive elements, such as the product customization feature and the store locator map.

  • Responsive Design Principles: Applied to ensure the website is accessible and functional on all devices.

  • Typography and Visual Design: Utilized to create a visually appealing and coherent user interface that aligns with the brand's identity.


Project Goals

  • Showcase my skills in web design and frontend development by creating a website that reflects the essence of the Viva Scandinavia brand.

  • Demonstrate my ability to create a user-centered experience that encourages engagement and exploration of the brand's products and story.

  • Highlight my proficiency in integrating interactive elements like the product customization feature and store locator using JavaScript/jQuery.

  • Emphasize my commitment to producing responsive and visually captivating web solutions that cater to modern design trends and user expectations.


Project Features

  1. Elegant Brand Presentation: The website radiates the aesthetic of Viva Scandinavia, with a clean and minimalist design that mirrors the brand's values of simplicity and elegance. The color palette and typography are carefully chosen to enhance the brand identity.

  2. Homepage with Storytelling: The homepage invites visitors with a visually striking hero image that emphasizes the teapot collection. A compelling brand story unfolds as users scroll, illustrating the brand's passion for crafting exquisite teapots and accessories.

  3. Product Showcase: A dedicated section is designed to showcase the signature teapot collection. Each teapot is presented with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and specifications that underline their unique features.

  4. Interactive Product Customization: To engage users further, an interactive feature allows visitors to customize teapots by choosing colors, sizes, and accessories. JavaScript/jQuery is utilized to facilitate real-time customization and preview.

  5. Tea Lifestyle Blog: The website includes a blog section that explores various aspects of tea culture, brewing techniques, and wellness. Each blog post is complemented by captivating imagery and is easy to navigate.

  6. Store Locator: Users can find nearby retailers or Viva Scandinavia stores using an interactive map. This functionality enhances user convenience and drives engagement.

  7. Responsive Design: The website is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across different devices and screen sizes.

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